Welcome on Board

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hallo Sailors!

Well, I had a great Sunday in the Arizona State 40 km

Time Trial where everything went smoothly and the bike sailed very well. I looked into getting a solid rear disc wheel for this event, but as I am now longer in Dubai and now working in the 'real world, the treasure chest was empty and the money tree fully picked!

Triathlon and the sports that make it up are strange sea creatures indeed. You never know where they are or how they can attack you while you are smooth sailing. To cut a long sea shanty short, the official results, the presentation and everything declared me as first. That wasn't actually the case as a well thought out and properly apologetic email turned up this morning - not exactly a message in a bottle (sorry Sting). There was a timing and a starting error and that's that! Strava showed a difference of 37 seconds between me and the genuine first place - I was a little sucked out to sea, but it's sport and this stuff happens.

I'm still happy with my effort and time for the 40km - all that has happened is that I am second by 37 seconds. So, that is a lesson in sport and life - you just never know! Sometimes it works in your favour and sometimes the genie casts a different spell. Take it, use it and next time, that experience will help!

Congrats to Ronny from Tucson who actually beat El Kapitan Kevin!

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