Roy Nasr RIP, Bike Crashes, and Safety

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It’s been a few weeks since the last shippe’s entry; I got caught up working in Tucson here in Arizona and some other stuff life that throws at you. So, here we have a look at bike accidents whether preventable or not. Just two weekends ago, a fellow pirate and I were in the A Group at a local ride here in Phoenix. We were both at the front and accelerating downhill out of a roundabout. Unbelievably, a rider came across the centre reservation (median) walking his bike, got on and rode out right in front of us. We shouted at him to no avail as the rest of the group split around him like the Red Sea did for Moses at 45 kph, but, of course, there was heavy braking and the inevitable contact; we had two riders down heavily for a really stupid action that was totally unnecessary.

Today, we remember Roy Nasr who on this day was killed on his bike six years ago – it’s still raw for me and those whose lives he touched in Dubai and Lebanon (his home country). I first met Roy at triathlons in 1998 when he was a musclebound gym monster, and he had the will power to push his extra large and heavy muscles farther and faster than seemed possible. There was a group of us (Andrew Garret, Jeanie Fry, Sam Westhead, Jo Critoph, Kevin Murray, Veronica Hookstead, Rory McCrae, Adrian Hayes and many more) who seemed to race at every possible event even if it meant racing on both days of the weekend! By the time I returned to the UAE in 2003, Roy was up there with leaders coming up with consistent podium positions. We did a lot of training together in groups at that time as triathlon at that time in the UAE was nicely amateurish in that no one really took themselves seriously, and we did a lot of what would now be considered to be ‘crazy training sessions’. Things have really ‘developed’ since those days in the UAE and in Dubai in particular. Roy has his place in that in his drive to establish and expand Tri Dubai. It’s hard to imagine Dubai without him.

Unfortunately, the list of those we know who are no longer with us or injured continues. The longer we are in this sport, the more likely it will be that someone we know will be knocked off and injured or worse. Just last weekend, here in Tucson, there was a Team Agress rider killed in a collision with a car, the driver of which hadn’t seen him. We really have to treat every car driver as an idiot and take every care to be as defensive riders as possible. I would rather get numerous flat tyres caused by the debris and crap on the side of the roads than get whacked from behind by some inattentive moron. I mean to say, it’s incredible that some cyclists ride out in the road away from the sides of the roads – have you seen how exposed we are? All we need do is observe when we drive how small and fragile people on bikes are compared to the great lumps of moving metal called vehicles. We will never reverse Newton’s Law about equal and opposite reactions and surely, it’s better to live to fight another day than to imagine that somehow we are impregnable when we are out there biking away.

Ride Safely and Have Fun!!

Roy Nasr - The Lebanese Express

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