It All Adds Up!

Wow! (as they say for a lot of situations in these parts) a week has gone by since I was able to finally get that damned Arizona State Champion's Jersey for real. Like I was saying in a previous blog post, sport can be a strange beast and that is what makes it interesting and compulsive both to watch and to participate in. So, I'm now State Champion in the Two Person Team Trial and 2nd in the Individual Time Trial - a bonus in hindsight. Thanks to Tucson's Team Aggress, for inviting me to be on their team and to Shane Castle for sharing the load; we knocked out a 44 kph average for the 40 km and that was that - we won convincingly. The coaching is going well - There is enough to keep me busy in non-work hours and thinking about how to do coaching etc. differently and fun in most of my waking hours. There's a lot still to do and it will be an organic development as it goes along. I'd love to make it full time, but that's going to take time and effort - it will happen! The US Triathlon Certification has finally made its my way and that kind of cements the whole thing now as it strengthens the ten years experience with the 'necessary bit of paper'. That's not saying it was an easy bit of paper since I had a full weekend's classroom-based course followed by individual study and an extensive test to pass. Additionally, there was an American Red Cross CPR and First Aid course (and test!) and a SportsSafe Course (and test!) to do. It was actually a pleasant surprise to do all of this as it was a rigorous and educational experience at the same time.

Triathlon and its three component sports make for an infinitely variable experience; there is no 'perfect way to do it'; it's a blend of technique, practice, strength, suppleness, diet, psychology, stamina, and, yes, money that allows us to keep finding and experimenting with various blends in the never-ending search for the perfect race! Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my mantras is "If you do the same thing, you get the same results." This is fine for a while as we find a groove with training and racing, but (and it's a big BUT). life throws a lot at us; it could be stresses of work, family or getting older, getting stuck in a rut, health, a new location or simply we do as humans get demotivated and sometimes just need a kick up the backside to get going again. I certainly got that from going through the coaching course and now am revitalized and with a stack of new ideas to use and adapt. Okay sailors - see ya soon on the high waves!!

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