And then the wind had blown us to the end of October...

And... a lot of time has passed since the last entry in El Kapitan's Log. Oh well! as they say. here we go on the catch up. I've been on a sea trip (in a plane) to the UK and to Spain. There's a lot to scribble here so I think it'll be a case of the need for a few more ship's entries after this one.

In the UK, there was a lot of family stuff to catch up, and a few fantastic runs out there in the British countryside in a variety of the inevitably ever-changing weather. I really don't mind that, even the biting winds and horizontal rain, but the time was short and, of course, the mental list of things I wanted to do and people I wanted to see far exceeded realistic expectations. Going back to Andalusia in southern Spain was great, and I got to lead a bike group for more than a week. Being a bike tour leader was quite the eye opener as there is a lot more involved than just riding a bike and keeping (another) eye on the group.

Now I am back in Phoenix, AZ, there are a few things I need to change and a few things that I can't change; being away from things is a good opportunity to reflect and to think about 'normal life' in a different way. I think one of those 'things' is going to be to do more hiking with Misses Kapitan and the Shippe's dog, Chi Chi, as the photo shows. I had nearly forgotten just how around healthy hiking is. You get just about everything walking up and down piles of rock! Just one simple and

relatively short hike loosened up the backs and fronts of the legs, gave the ankles a decent workout on the unstable and non-flat ground, and was just a good solid way of strengthening every part in a gradual way.

Okay - I am just off with work to Flagstaff north of of the state of Arizona and apparently the 'Gateway to the Grand Canyon' and it's snowing up there (2,000 Meters plus altitude). Cheers and keep your sailing straight into the setting sun!

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